Justin Salsburey




My name is Justin Salsburey, I'm a designer in San Francisco who enjoys designing products that help people live more fulfilling productive lives.  I'm a self taught designer and I do what I do because I can't imagine doing anything else. 

Outside of being a Product Designer at Yelp I am also learning Swift, shooting photos, and have several side projects that I am passionate about here on this page.

I'd love to connect on Twitter @Ploink. 



After years of getting buried deep in the inner workings of complicated tasks app, I wanted a solution that felt simpler and more straightforward. Combining rich text and markdown with snoozeable notes. FluxNote aims to be the that solution. This project is currently on hold. 


Read Scripture

I am also currently designing the core iOS flow of an app called Read Scripture along with 2 other designers. One who is focused on Android and another who is focused on habit forming and user behavior patterns.

The app teaches you HOW to read the bible WHILE you’re reading the bible by inserting videos from the Bible Project that clearly explain books, topics, and themes. Read Scripture is in development and will launch in January of 2017.



LookBook (Four day challenge)

LookBook was created as a 4 day design challenge to myself to take an app from initial concept all the way to interactive prototype as fast as possible while still following the proper stages of design such as taking time to understand the problem, wireframing multiple simple solutions, prototyping, user testing, and iterating. Everything down to the photos included were taken by me in San Francisco to develop some user empathy for figuring out the styles other people are wearing.



If you'd like to connect or get coffee drop me a line or message @Ploink on Twitter.