Justin Salsburey

I am a self taught designer, originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I've always wanted to help people live better lives I just didn't always know HOW I wanted to do that. I spent several years in nursing working in Surgery before deciding that design is actually the medium through which I want to do that. After getting a late start and realizing I learn best by doing I stopped my track at Indiana University to join the professional world.

I worked for several years for publishing companies and newspapers before I knew I wanted more. I wanted something I could measure and test. Thats where design was the ultimate career path for me. I could attempt to help people and then actually measure if that was happening. 

I moved to San Francisco about 5 years ago to work for a startup that was acquired by Expedia called Mobiata which specialized in travel apps. After 3 years at Expedia I decided I wanted to tackle new problems at Yelp where I’ve been working not he Business team helping businesses understand their advertising campaigns and then on Reservations helping people make plans to eat at great places!

I think there's something I can learn from everyone I meet, hopefully I'll get a chance to learn from you!



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