Features Overview

Fluxnote is a productivity application targeted at people who tend to use notes as their primary means of organization. 



Goals for Fluxnote

Instead of taking notes in one application during meetings and creating tasks out of it later create an application that is robust at note taking and can then convert into a task with a robust set of snoozing tools and interactive note elements such as linking between notes and checkboxes.



Secondary Goals

Create an experience who's core interactions can all be done from the bottom half of the screen.

Create a very native feeling application that doesn't feel like I need to learn anything new.

Add a productivity layer on top of the notes that is both lightweight but powerful. Fluxnote should feel primarily like a note taking application with subtle yet powerful productivity tools layered on top. 






With limited resources for extensive research Fluxnote was a project I picked because the target demographic were the people around me. People taking notes in meetings and trying to parse those meetings out into actionable items the following week.

I sought out guidance from industry design experts around the Bay Area from companies like Dropbox, Pinterest, Google, Facebook and more. 

Normally I wouldn't seek out people in the tech sphere but part of choosing Fluxnote was about ease of research.