I am Justin Salsburey, a designer in San Francisco who enjoys designing products that help people live more fulfilling productive lives.  I'm self taught, and I do what I do because I can't imagine doing anything else.

Outside of being a Product Designer at Yelp I am also learning how to be a better researcher, skilled photographer, faithful believer, dedicated husband, and fly by night entreprenuer.

I'd love to connect on Twitter @Ploink.





Fluxnote was a personal interest project I pursued in 2016 along with Eric Welander co-creator / engineer. After talking to several people who seemed to think it was a good idea I set out to see if an enriched writing experience could serve as a robust to-do application. Think Google Keep meets Todoist.



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I’m currently a product designer at Yelp working on the Reservations and Waitlist platforms this year. Last year I was on the Business team working on creating a new dashboard for business owners who use Yelp.





One of my side projects is an app called Read Scripture along with 2 other designers. One who is focused on Android and another who is focused on habit forming and user behavior patterns.

The app teaches you HOW to read the bible WHILE you’re reading the bible by inserting videos from the Bible Project that clearly explain books, topics, and themes. Read Scripture launched in 2017 and is currently being used by millions while also being translated into other languages.



If you'd like to connect or get coffee drop me a line or message @Ploink