Yelp Business

New Ads Dashboard to Communicate value of Ads and Yelp Products.


Current Dashboard and Research

When sending users to this page (vs sending them to their activity page that shows all activity for their business) during an ad campaign we see a lot of attrition. So we've tested out sending them to this page with various bits of information either left out or added and seen some interesting things.


Ads dashboard 01 Copy 2.png



Taking away mentions of leads improved retention. Leads are valuable but only if explained otherwise they mean very little to business owners. (i.e. someone tapped your phone number is very valuable to them) Showing a version of the activity page but filtered down to activity from ads has greatly improved retention. 


Taking away mention of money spent on advertising hurt retention. Users state that they had anxiety about wether or not they were spending money and if their ad was even running.


Business owners are more interested in knowing information about their customers and details about their actions than they are about knowing about their competitors. Early direction ideas about helping them track competitors need more research to be viable path.



Acquisition & Retention promos

We know that acquisitions are up but retention is low. We know how to get people into Yelp but currently we do a poor job of communicating the value of our products and promotions.

Boost Dashboard with Data Copy.png